Pre- order!

After our Kickstarter campaign ended, we are now on our first production process! And as we do so, Someone Somewhere's final online store is getting ready for you. In the mean time...

We would like to give you the option of Pre-ordering your favorite products to be delivered this September. Please follow the instruction to do your order:

1) Below you will find all of our products with codes and prices; once you've chosen your favorite articles, make your order here (it's important that you fill all the information).

2) We will send you a PayPal Payment Form for the amount of the articles you ordered PLUS A SHIPPING RATE (México-USD$3, United States-USD$10 & Rest of the world-USD$15). This format will allow you to pay with credit or debit card.

3) Once your payment is successfully received, we'll send you a confirmation email!

If you have any doubts, feel free to write via email or Facebook.



Thanks for becoming a Someone!